Why Large Corporations Are Sourcing MBE Suppliers and Service Providers

More and more large corporations are sourcing minority business enterprises (MBEs or MWBEs – minority and women-owned business enterprises) for their service and vendor needs. With the increased number of MWBE-certified minority owned businesses, a large corporation can now pursue supplier diversity across many different aspects of their business. From minority owned building maintenance to computer systems design to interior design and more, minority business enterprises are situated in many diverse Read more [...]

What is an MBE?

In the current business landscape, you may frequently encounter the acronym MBE. In this context, MBE stands for Minority Business Enterprise which is defined as a business that is primarily owned and operated by American citizens of minority descent. For the purposes of this certification, a minority is generally defined as a person who is African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and Native American. Currently there are numerous minority owned businesses in multiple industries that have Read more [...]