Landscaping in the Spring

Spring is the season when flowers bloom and we’re surrounded by greenery. It’s also the perfect time to optimizing the appearance of your building by creating a beautiful setting. Keep in mind a few simple goals to discuss with your landscape architect, and your building can draw clients from off the street.

Use Color
Color naturally draws the eye. Too often, commercial buildings use green grass, green trees, and green bushes. This monotone property basically falls into the background as customers and clients are passing through the area. Adding color can be accomplished with flowers, blooming bushes, or various colors of other plants. Consider using trees and bushes that will sprout bright red berries or beautiful flowers. The upkeep is less intense than with traditional flowers, but you maintain the different colors.

Use Understatement
Though you want your building to pop, it would be a mistake to overindulge in plants. The most common mistake commercial property owners make is to decorate the lawn so much that the building is obscured from the roadside. The landscaping should work to draw people to the building, not overpower it completely. Additionally, the plants used should be relatively low-maintenance and durable. The more work that is required, the more likely it is that the plants won’t survive, turning what was a beautiful plant into a dead, brown eyesore.

Use Walkways
The most common area of the lawn that people will use is the walk to and from the doors to your building. Knowing this, it makes sense to put emphasis on this area. Consider lining the walkway with beautiful plants or upgrading from a cement path to one that matches the feel of the building. You can also incorporate stone benches or picnic areas to encourage occupants to have lunch outside. The overall feel will increase both moral and productivity.

Use Personality
Your commercial building is, before all else, a business. Landscaping can be a method to help get the word out about that business in a beautiful and eye-catching way. If you have your company’s name displayed somewhere on the lawn already, highlight it with an especially beautiful array of plants. You can also use the plants themselves to create your company’s name, planting them so that the lawn itself represents who you are. This technique is especially effective if you have multiple properties, because people are sure to remember the creative way you decorated, and making the same pattern at another area will help visitors more easily connect the two.

Landscaping and its upkeep is a critical component of property maintenance services and getting the most out of your building. Pipestone Property Services is a national building maintenance company that excels in a variety of building maintenance and beautification endeavors. Additionally, they are a minority owned property service, so your business can receive certain tax breaks for contracting with them. Visit their site at to schedule your spring cleaning today.

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